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Key to the Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life is said to have its roots in Heaven. It also works as a diagram of the way Light divides Itself to become Life.

The 1st sphere on the Tree, ‘Keter’ or the Crown (Light) is located above the head and is associated with God presence – similar to the Hindu tradition.

At A Talk with Spirit, the 2nd sphere, ‘Hokhmah’ or Male Wisdom is associated with the chakra that is located at the left temple as well with left brain consciousness.

The 3rd sphere, ‘Binah’ or Feminine Wisdom is associated with the chakra at the right temple and with right brain consciousness.

The 4th sphere ‘Hesed’ or Giving is connected with the right hand, while the 5th sphere, ‘Gevurah’ or Receiving is associated with the chakra located around the palm of the left hand.

The 6th sphere, ‘Tiferet’ or Compassion is located at the heart center and is equivalent to the 4th chakra in the Hindu system.

The 7th sphere, ‘Nezah’ or Space is associated with the chakra which is located around the ball of the right foot; while the 8th sphere – ‘Hod’ or Time is associated with the chakra at the ball of the left foot.

The 9th sphere, ‘Yesod’ or Instinctive Knowledge is located around the abdominal region and is roughly equivalent to the 3rd chakra in the Hindu system.

The 10th sphere, ‘Malkhut’ or Nature (Life) is located beneath the feet.

For a key to ‘Daat’ or Death, please see chakras 10 and 11 in Meaning of the Chakras

Note: This key varies to some extent with the original while retaining its essence.

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