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The 5th chakra associated with the color blue and located around the throat involves issues of communication and personal expression. Personal expression involves the freedom to reflect on what we say and to choose our words as well as to be authentic.  The fifth chakra is impacted by our heart (the fourth chakra), as well as our mind (the sixth), that’s why it is considered to be the first “conscious” chakra. Blockages in the fifth chakra invariably involve self-repression.

Our work life is often a reflection of our inner life.  Of course, some people with highly positive inner lives struggle with their bottom line. There are varying reasons for this:  lack of self-confidence is a common one.  A lack of sophistication or proper mentoring is another. Of course, the workplace may also mirror our family system. Many of us repeat our family patterns there without being aware of it.  Another common reason for lackluster success involves choosing a career direction that is at odds with our soul purpose – or in which our soul’s timing is the key.  

 Business readings can encompass a variety of issues, including:

Are you on the right track?

Build your networking ability
Understand your patterns of success and failure Help to handle negotiations
Learn how you are perceived by business associates – and why Find out why – specifically - you did or did not get the contract or make the sale
Find out whom you can trust Project development
Gain insight into your associates’ psychology Formula enhancement
Learn to manage difficult relationships How to be yourself and succeed

Business readings are not for the purpose of making money in illegitimate ways, such as stock prices, gambling results etc.  These readings are primarily to help you build better  business relationships and increase your savvy as well as to head in a direction that suits who you are here to be.  Information you receive about the psychology of others - for your self-healing and empowerment – is to be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

“After interviewing Jane Ellen Plotkin, we at Yogi Times wanted to experience her gift and allow her to guide us personally.  The accuracy of her comments, practical wisdom and ability to speak directly to our hearts was amazing!  She was also able to foresee the growth, look and feel of our business.” 
— Sophie Parienti, Editor in Chief, Yogi Times Magazine

"The time I have spent with Jane Ellen Plotkin is truly amazing.  She helped me quickly find answers to issues I was facing and in the process gave me concrete ideas with solutions to propel my business and personal life to the highest level.  I find her insights and guidance to be invaluable."
— Randall Blaum, The Hollywood Marketing Mogul

“Jane Ellen has a unique ability to tune in and give very grounded guidance.  Due to her connection with Spirit,  she is able to provide support and advice that is both prescient and practical I cannot recommend her highly enough!” 
— Audrey Philpot, Transformedia Inc

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