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How to Prepare for a Reading

It is good to tailor your question/s to the length of time of your reading. If you have reserved a short reading, make sure you ask a single question. If you have a series of questions, it is best to prioritize them. Even if you have reserved a long period of time – this exercise should streamline the process.

Predictions about the timing of success or the outcome of a romance are not generally offered - although your path's to success are discussed in detail (click here to learn more about Business Consulting); and the chances of a romantic connection working out are clarified in depth (click here to learn more about Relationship Counseling)

Of course, it is best to come to your reading in a spirit of open minded inquiry and/or a desire to receive insight and healing. The future is not set in stone – except for certain destined events. Outside of those – it is filled with creative potential.

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