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More About Jane Ellen

When I was a child, I was a natural mystic.  As I grew up, I prayed for a life that went beyond the best one I could imagine.  And that’s the one I got.  Of course, my life has taken me through some gnarly difficulties; and yet, even through the worst of them I held my faith that SPIRIT was somehow in the mix, and that I would learn as much through facing difficulties as I did through the kind of feedback that comes through success.  

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would receive a gift of enlightenment. I thought that kind of gift was reserved for saints. And I am not a saint.  Though, I did meditate and pray continuously for many years.  In college, I studied comparative religion as well as mythology.  In my early 30s I became a psychotherapist with a depth orientation. The psychologist C.G. Jung was my inspiration. The way he combined personal mystic experience with depth analytic study caught my imagination. Since then, I have taught couples counseling to masters students in psychology; lectured on the work of C.G Jung, and given seminars on a variety of themes.  I have also become a hypnotherapist.  In working with people over a period of years, I found there were many issues that were rooted in the subconscious mind and needed to be released on that level.  Throughout my life, I have been drawn to the work of the great mystics.  In the year 2,000 – at 50 years old - I heard the GONG of enlightenment.   

My enlightenment experience lasted about 5 days and nights.  And I came out of it with an ability to channel.  I suppose I am one of those ordinary citizens whom SPIRIT has blessed in this way in order to let others know it is possible to have great dreams come true late in life. So, wherever in your life’s dream you find yourself doesn’t give up because you fear it’s too late!” 

Intuition with Intention:  A Conversation with Jane Ellen Plotkin, MFT
(an excerpt from the Yogi Times)

Q: What is intuitive counseling and coaching?

A:  With my intuitive gift I am able to cut to the core of the issue of difficulty someone may have without prolonged discussion or guesswork.  I use my gift for the purpose of healing a person’s understanding of their problem and guiding them in ways to resolve it that are non forceful, unique to them and generally pleasurable.

Q: Are some people just gifted with intuition?

A:  Intuition is a natural function of the human nature.  In this sense, everyone has the ability to develop and increase their intuitive skill to a great extent.  Still – as in all areas of life some people are more naturally gifted than others.

Q: What kinds of people come and ask for advice?

A:  A large cross-section of people seek my advice.  Every session is attuned to and guided for the specific needs of a variety of individuals, regardless of age, temperament, life predicament etc.  I am able to pick up issues which underlie a number of difficulties – such as painful relationship patterns, compulsive addictive behaviors, obsessive thinking, difficulties in concentrating, creative blockages, psychosomatic aspects of illness, nutritional needs as well as problems related to work and financial success.  I am also able to release subconscious blockages to optimal functioning through gentle, guided meditations and/or light trance induction as well as offer step-by-step solutions to a person’s life issues which are designed for them specifically.

Q: If you knew someone was about to undergo a crisis, would you let him/her know?

A:  I am invariably guided by universal wisdom.  Of course, there are some people who can benefit by knowing of a crisis in advance so they may avert it or mitigate its effects.  Still others may need to prepare their soul for a major life passage.  For those who would not benefit by foreknowledge of a life crisis, I am seldom given information concerning it.

Q: Some people are highly skeptical about intuitive powers.  Do you have a few words for them?

A: Yes – of course.  Most skeptics would benefit by allowing their capacity for child like wonder be a part of them – without rejecting their need to question unproven phenomena.  Open-minded inquiry and healthy skepticism make good collaborators.

After interviewing her, We at Yogi Times wanted to experience Jane’s natural gift and allow her to guide us personally (not without healthy skepticism, of course!), so each of us indulged in a one on one session.  The accuracy of her comments, practical wisdom and ability to speak directly to our hearts was amazing.  We wish we could tell you all she said in the privacy of our session but… wow!  It is for us to know and you to find out.

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