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The fourth or heart chakra – associated with the color green – clearly involves the matter of love – both how we give and receive it.  Often, our pets help us to connect to our heart through the way they love us as well as the way they help us remember to live more in the moment and to play.  That is why – At a Talk with Spirit – we connect pet (and wildlife) communication with the heart.

All mammals have soul – including soul lessons, a soul purpose, a unique essence.  And we all struggle with the same core emotions.  As we humans extend our ability to communicate with our pets and to understand their communication to us – we can help each other heal as well as evolve.

 Pet readings can focus on a variety of issues:

Learn more about your pet’s inner life

Dissolve difficult emotions that can arise between you and your pet
Find out what happened in their past before you knew them Extend your ability to communicate with your animal friends as well as receive more complex messages from them
Understand and repair problem behaviors Pet hypnosis for issues involving trauma
Get help to heal sibling rivalry How to survive the loss of a pet

“Jane Ellen has a wonderful capacity of channeling Spirit’s information for us – for us all – and not only for people but for animals.  It’s always beautiful to see the response from my animal patients.  They invariably feel understood by her.  So I would like to thank Jane Ellen for the beautiful work she is doing on behalf of the animal kingdom and their human parents.”  
— Roger, DVM Whole World Pets

"I am the owner of a pet store.  Since the day I met her, Jane Ellen has been a guiding light both for my business and for my clients.  She comes to my store once a month to offer her services.  People wait in line for her and look forward to her coming again.  Her information is lively, uplifting and seems to help everyone who comes in contact with her.  She is a true inspiration."
— Noura , Pet Mania

“Jane Ellen has helped me understand the inner life of my birds and my client’s birds.  She can decode their behavior.  I am a bird trainer; and Jane’s feedback has consistently allowed me to improve my relationship with every one of them – as well as help them improve their relationships  with each other.”
Steve, Tricks without Treats

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