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The second chakra, which is associated with orange and located at the reproductive center involves issues that revolve around sexual and personal identity. The second chakra – or portal through which we enter this life is impacted significantly by our family of origin. The way we relate to our gender issues and to our place in any group has roots in the place we are given in our family and in the way we react to this initial situation.

Relationship is the core of human experience. Even when we’re alone, we are in relationship to others; for instance - those in the past who helped us become who we are; those we focus on now; and even to those in our future we may be destined to meet..

Of course, our early imprinting through our family of origin, relationship traumas that have never been released, and even our karmic history can be vital to understand when it comes to our relationship patterns.

Relationship readings can be focused on a variety of issues, such as:

How to let more love into your life

Release past relationship traumas
How to enhance your relationship skills Understand the psychology of your significan others
Get to the core of any relationship problem Receive guidance to resolve interpersonal issues
Understand your Family Patterns and how they operate in your significant realtionships Help to be your true self no matter who you're with
Retrieve ancestral and soul memories that pertain to your patterns in relationship

Sessions that involve understanding the psychology of others are to be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.The information that comes through is to help you understand what is happening between you and another for the purpose of healing ONLY.

"I initially began my sessions with Jane because I wanted to reach a deeper understanding about my relationship with my adult son. After our first meeting, I was able to understand him in a way that allowed me to forgive him for the difficulty I went through when he was growing up. She broke down the healing process into mini steps. At each juncture, as I met with acceptance from my son, she gave me the desire to take grander steps. She was direct, easy to understand, humorous and serious at the same time – a partner on the journey like no other. Two years later, my relationship with my son continues its twists and turns as we grow closer together."
Suzanne Schmidt, Schmidt Interiors

"Jane has helped me to understand the facets of my personality and improve my communication skills with work colleagues, family and intimate friends. I brought my father to several sessions; and I was surprised at her ease and grace in handling difficult and domineering characters. She acted as a diplomatic referee in resolving the issues and healing the wounds from years of accumulated baggage."
Satchi Yoshimoto, Director, Patrick Painter Gallery

"The detailed information, insight and wisdom regarding my relationship dilemma could only have come from Spirit through Jane Ellen.  Her readings provide clarity, guidance and support."
 LyndaCarré, Meditation and Yoga Instructor

"I have been a client of Jane Ellen’s on and off for years; and she has helped me through some extremely difficult times. She was able to help me understand and heal my past pattern with men. Since then, I have been able to bypass old triggers and insecurities as well as free my subconscious from attracting negative partners."
— Ruth de Sossa, Actress

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