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Violet is associated with the seventh or crown chakra.  It is located about 6-7” above the head and is considered to be a portal to higher consciousness.  The Higher Self is connected with this chakra; and it is through the Higher Self in each of us that SPIRIT most readily speaks.

Spiritual Guidance readings are inspired through SPIRIT  just for you.  So, you can relax and know you are in safe hands. 

 Some possibilities for readings are:

Establishing the right meditation practice for you

How to handle a terminal diagnosis
Finding your Spiritual Direction Crisis intervention
Coping with a life transition Grief recovery
Help with aging Guided meditations on any theme

Guided meditation tapes can be ordered  for the added cost of materials plus shipping and handling.

"When I married Robert we were both going through a transitional time.  As the honeymoon waned and the reality of day to day living set in – we called on Jane for help.  Through Spirit she was able to take us out of our hum drum daily existence and lift our spirits to connect to a higher purpose with such grace and panache and humor."
Suzanne Schmidt, Schmidt Interiors

"Jane Ellen was referred to me with the highest praise from many friends I love and respect.  My personal experience with her has been enlightening as well as comforting.  She can always get to the core of what is troubling and blocking both my family and I."
Deborah Koppel Mitchell, Spheres Women’s Circles Publications

"I have employed Jane Ellen Plotkin’s services and have had life-changing results.  Her consistent insights into my career direction and her ability to tune into the agendas of potential partners, has saved me more than once.  By helping me shape my most basic decisions into life altering actions, she has allowed me to look in my past, be in my present and lay solid foundations for my future."
Jeff Decker, Entrepreneur

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